Toyota IMTS at Expo 2005 in Japan

Drawing of 3 IMTS vehicles in a platoon Although it looks realistic, this is apparently an artist's rendering of three IMTS buses operating in a platoon at Expo 2005. The faint dots running down the center of each lane are magnetic markers.
IMTS vehicle at Tokyo Motor Show IMTS Expo 2005 vehicle on display at the November 2004 Tokyo Motor Show. It's 35.8 ft (10.9 m) long, and carries up to 50 passengers.

All of the following photos were taken at Expo 2005. They are courtesy of Live from the Third Rail.

imts vehicle at station IMTS vehicle stopped at a station. The top of the steering wheel can be seen just above the transparent barrier separating passengers from the exclusive roadway. The video screen next to the platform door shows a cartoon of three IMTS vehicles traveling in a platoon.
imts vehicle at station Vehicle number 12 appears to be the second vehicle in a 3-bus platoon. The rear of the first bus is barely visible at the far left of the photo. The entranceway to the third bus in the platoon is out of the picture to the right, but its adjacent video screen can be seen.
imts vehicle at station Transparent platform edge doors are flanked by two video displays. Two IMTS lanes are visible through the doors. The low barriers on both sides of the lanes provide an extra degree of safety in the unlikely event of control system failure.
imts vehicle at station A stuffed green toy is in the operator's seat. IMTS buses, like other vehicles in Japan, have their steering wheel on the right. The rear of bus 03 can be seen clearly through the windshield. The transparent wall behind the operator allows full visibility when in manual mode, while isolating passengers from the steering wheel and other controls when in automatic mode.
imts vehicle at station Rear half of IMTS interior. An IMTS bus going in the opposite direction can be seen through the window.