DANAC Station Connector

DANAC is one of 13 stations on the Corridor Cities Transitway, a planned BRT or LRT line in Montgomery County, Maryland, just northwest of Washington, DC. The CCT starts at the end of an existing heavy rail line, and runs west and then north for 14 miles (23 km). The diagram below shows how an automated vehicle system could connect DANAC station with a number of trip generators that are nearby, but beyond walking distance.

Automated vehicle system to serve DANAC station on planned BRT or LRT line The system has four stations, two at grade and two elevated in parking structures. The layout shown uses two-way lines almost everywhere, but a system with large one-way loops would also be possible.

Automated vehicle system to serve DANAC station on planned BRT or LRT lineThe automated vehicle system can be seen drawn over an aerial photo by clicking on the small image at the right. A higher resolution version is available here, but may take a long time to download.

While the system would provide internal circulation within the area covered, its primary purpose would be to connect the area with the Corridor Cities Transitway, which in turn connects to the Washington, DC heavy rail system.

The images below show the system in more detail. The stations range from three to five berths, and a vehicle is shown in each berth.

Automated vehicle system at DANAC station Automated vehicle system at Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery county campus Southern terminus of automated vehicle system