Micro-Simulation of Automated Vehicles with Minimal Central Control

The presentation "Micro-Simulation of Automated Vehicles with Minimal Central Control" was given on January 12, 2008 at the Advanced Transit Association's Annual Technical Meeting in Washington, DC. It consists of a PowerPoint (PPT) file and three linked videos.

The presentation can be downloaded or viewed online. To download a file with Internet Explorer, right click it and select the "Save Target As..." option. The PPT file is here. If there are difficulties in playing the videos in slides #16-18, be sure the presentation is displayed in full screen mode.

The three videos are here, here, and here.

To get all four files in a single download, a zip file is available here. All four files should be in the same directory when running the presentation offline. A free 2007 PowerPoint viewer is available from Microsoft here.

Note: Slide #10 of the presentation mentions a shuttle application with a "5 second minimum headway". This only refers to the headway along the guideway. The small end-of-line stations shown in the shuttle graphic on slide #11 could not operate with headways below about 15 seconds. This is because all vehicles have to reverse direction at a single point within the station, and furthermore the limited number of berths would not give time to deboard and board passengers A larger station with more berths and multiple turn-around locations would be needed to process a vehicle every five seconds.